Top 10 Sewing Materials You Will Need

Today, I’m going to go through some of the items that you’ll need to make your sewing tasks a little easier.  Believe it or not, you need more than just a sewing machine!

Even if you’re just sewing as a hobby and not as a business, you’ll find that these items come in pretty handy.

1) A Sewing Box – This will help you keep all your supplies organized, saving you time and money (when you don’t keep losing buttons, thimbles, needles, etc.)  By having a specific place for everything, you’ll always know where to find it, saving you lots of frustration.

2) Sharp Scissors – I’ve intentionally highlighted the fact that you need sharp scissors – I can’t stress this enough.  If you’re doing anything more than a small job, a pair of dull scissors will do nothing but frustrate you and make the process more difficult that it needs to be.  In addition to making it easier on you, clean cutting lines will make the finished product look much better.

3) Pinking Shears – If you’re new to sewing, you may not even know what these are.  Basically, they are a type of scissors specifically designed to provide a zig-zagged edge.  They look almost like teeth and help stop your fabric from fraying at the edges.  Certain fabrics are more likely to fray than others, in which case you’ll be better off using a pair of pinking shears to do your cutting.

4) Anti-Fray Solution – The name says it all…it’s a solution that keeps your fabric from fraying while you work!  It’s safe on most fabrics, but I highly recommend you always test it on a small swatch before doing a full application.  It looks sort of like a type of glue.

5) Stitch Gage – This allows you to sew straight seams and hems.   It’s basically like a ruler with a little sliding attachment.

6) Tailor’s Chalk – This will help you immensely in keeping everything properly sized and measured.  You can use the chalk to mark up your fabric while you’re working, and when you’ve finished the project it is easily removable.

7) Magnetized Pin Holder – I prefer these over regular pin cushions.  Not only do I find them easier to work with, but finding stray pins and needles is much easier since you only have to wave around the magnet to pick them up.  I highly recommend this if you work in a room that others use regularly…the last thing you want is for someone to step on one of your lost pins.

8) An Elastic Puller – You only need this if you’ll be doing projects that require elastics, in which case, it will come in very handy.  Essentially, it will allow you to easily pull your elastic through the openings.  It’s a very lost cost item, so it’s good to have even if you don’t think you will be using it very often.

9) Sewing Machine Cover – It’s important to keep you sewing machine clean.  As with any mechanical item, dust is not a good thing, so buying a cover up front can save you from having issues down the road.


10) Reference Guide – If you’re not fully familiar with some of the basic sewing techniques, it’s a good idea to have a reference easily available.  This is especially true if you’re working on something that you think requires a technique you’ve never used before.  You’re more than welcome to use my site as a reference, but I’m sure the last thing you want to do while you’re in the middle of a project is head over to a computer to find the information online.

I hope this helps you out…sewing is so much fun, but it can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools.  By being a little proactive and organizing everything I’ve mentioned above, you’ll find that it makes things so much easier.

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