A success story of a mother

If you want a description of me, I would love to be introduced as a ‘MOM’. Like every other mother, I, at the age of my 30, living a busy life with my two kids here in Vancouver. Being a mother is a tough job indeed! Suddenly you need to get up early to make breakfast or get your kids ready for school or so many little things comes along with motherhood. In time, you forget about you or what you once loved doing so much. I thought of managing both together. Let me tell you some of my favorite topics today.

I love making sketches since I was a small girl. For the last few weeks, I made a sketch of a doll girl. It is quite tough to concentrate on my work and I only completed a little portion since I had to handle family get together last week. However, if you have a lovely supporting husband like mine, things get easier for a mother. Sketching has been my companion when I get tired (some may not accept this, but ladies, that’s true!) of being a perfect mom or tired of shopping that you once love like crazy shophaholic. All my sketches are to express my ideas. Vancouver offers a lot of options for art lovers like me. I go to the Vancouver art gallery to visit some of the best art pieces of the world and coming back to home, I feel so inspired. Something you really need to do out of your busy schedule! After finishing all my responsibilities as a mother, when I start drawing with my pencil, once again I feel alive and fresh.

Besides sketching, another hobby grew up on me after I become a Mom that is sewing. I started sewing my baby’s dresses, one of the things I really enjoy doing in my free time. Handmade clothes are too comfortable for babies, moreover, it feels good to watch them wearing clothes that you made by your own hands, but last month was something new for me. I used to sew my baby’s cloth just because I feel happy. However, some of my friends always inspired me and I got an order last month from them. It was unexpected for me and amazing as I almost gave up my career to look after my kids. Now things have changed for me as I am thinking of starting my career again with something that I really enjoy. Opening a boutique shop is one of my plans (quite excited, I know!). I discussed this with my family and they are happy to support me. I started browsing online on this topic to learn more as I am taking it seriously now, so I think I should focus on my job. With excitements, here comes so many responsibilities, but out there in the world, there are so many successful mothers who are making careers to inspire us. I guess, I will work something out as well.


After a long time, I learned something from my life. When you are not happy enough, you can’t make others happy. Not to forget, do what you enjoy most. Not everyone is as lucky as me to make their passion turn into their career.