Perfect Measurement – The Difference between Homemade and Factory Made

The difference between homemade and a factory outlet produced product can be a few things but the main thing is always measurement. Nothing fits better than a homemade dress. Irrespective of the brand or online store.

Making your clothes fit well is extremely important and makes a major difference to how you look in your clothes. Very few bodies measure the exact standard measurements for any one body size, because there are so many variables to take into account.  These include your body proportions, your posture, height, weight and the undergarments that you are wearing. However by measuring yourself accurately you will be able to determine your own personal-body-profile.

To get the best fit, you have to ignore sizes.  It really doesn’t matter if your skirt or trousers are size fourteens and your jacket is a size ten.  So long as you look in the garments, no one is ever going to wonder what size your clothes are.  They will neither know nor care! This is why you look for clothing that’s probably a bit loose when you buy from shops because it’s much easier to alter it than when you have to go looking for extensions to lengthen sleeves, for example.

 The garments you wear when being measured need to be form fitting and comfortable. You could choose to wear only the undergarments you normally use, or a leotard or full slip. Also wear pantyhose and comfortable shoes with the heel height you usually wear. First, critique your figure from all angles in a full-length mirror. Take note of any features you are particularly proud of, as well as those you would prefer to conceal.  Then you can take the following measurements in order to assess your body structure and proportions.

Then, if you mark your body accurately before you start to measure, it will be easier to take them and be more accurate.  You could either mark your body with chalk or pins on your clothes, or use a washable marking pen (available from sewing shops) to mark your body, or alternatively use small Stick-on-Dots to mark relevant points on your body.  It is easier to do this with the help of a good friend.

Another difference between home and outside is the price. It might be 10 fold more economical to make something at home than but outside at inflated prices. The material might be a challenge to find if you want something really good. If you don’t have time on your hands it’s better to buy something from outside. Online stores deliver very quickly these days and that can be perfect for you.

If you find that the new clothes you have bought do fit, but need a few adjustments, make sure you have them altered or do it yourself.  With a few adjustments, the suit or dress can look as if it was custom made for you.