Perfect Measurement – The Difference between Homemade and Factory Made

The difference between homemade and a factory outlet produced product can be a few things but the main thing is always measurement. Nothing fits better than a homemade dress. Irrespective of the brand or online store.

Making your clothes fit well is extremely important and makes a major difference to how you look in your clothes. Very few bodies measure the exact standard measurements for any one body size, because there are so many variables to take into account.  These include your body proportions, your posture, height, weight and the undergarments that you are wearing. However by measuring yourself accurately you will be able to determine your own personal-body-profile.

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4 Scrapbooking Materials – Tips to Choose Them Wisely

Years ago, it was hard for me to find stores in Vancouver that sold scrapbooking materials. But avid scrap bookers created a demand, and today you can find local stores devoted to scrapbooking and other retailers like craft stores that sell a huge variety of books, papers, and decorations. In fact, the hard part today is choosing what to use in your scrapbook. This article covers some basis that will help you make wise purchases and create a beautiful scrapbook. I would really like to encourage my kids to start scrap books.


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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Hi there, it’s time for my next instalment on Sewing Machines. I found that there is a common theme in terms of the questions I get asked online regarding sewing machines. More often than not it’s how do I thread a sewing machine? One of the first things you will have to do before you use your sewing machine is to get the needle and thread ready so I wanted to write up a quick tutorial on how to thread a sewing machine. If you have the user manual that came with your sewing machine then there will be instructions on how to do this. However, if you got your sewing machine from a garage sale or if it was handed down from a family member you may not have the manual so some step-by-step instructions would be helpful.

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A success story of a mother

If you want a description of me, I would love to be introduced as a ‘MOM’. Like every other mother, I, at the age of my 30, living a busy life with my two kids here in Vancouver. Being a mother is a tough job indeed! Suddenly you need to get up early to make breakfast or get your kids ready for school or so many little things comes along with motherhood. In time, you forget about you or what you once loved doing so much. I thought of managing both together. Let me tell you some of my favorite topics today.

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